Ellipsys is licensed and Regulated by The FSC, Mauritius for the trading of contracts in Spot, CFDs, Equities, Options, Bonds and Futures contracts.

The smooth and efficient functioning of a financial market depends heavily on the professional standards and integrity of those who are engaged in it. As the market grows in size, diversity and complexity, the demands for higher ethical conduct and uniform practices increase correspondingly.

In keeping with this belief, Ellipsys regularly reviews market conduct and practices to ensure that they are in line with international best practices as well as safeguard the soundness of the system.


As an Investment Dealer regulated by FSC, Ellipsys's compliance procedures ensures that in all dealings with or on behalf of clients, each employee understands and is required to comply with the rules of the exchange and the compliance policy and procedures.

Confidentiality – general principle

Confidentiality and customer anonymity are essential for preserving a reputable and efficient market place.

Market Terminology

Ellipsys endeavors to use clear and unambiguous language when dealing or negotiating transactions. Ellipsys ensures that their staff are aware of their responsibility to act professionally and are familiar with market terminology and conventions.

Conflicts of Interest

Ellipsys has its key focus on identifying potential conflicts of interest, and thereby ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to develop, implement and maintain an efficient conflicts of interest policy to prevent any risk that may damage the interests of our clients.

The following are some areas where an Conflict of Interest may arise:

  • Dealing Procedures: restrictions/ conditions that an employee may need to follows should they wish to trade on a personal account.
  • Gifts: Accepting gifts from clients by any employee or board member may create bias towards the client.
  • Discretionary Account: Dealers/ backoffice personnel will not be permitted by company policy to accept or trade on client accounts. This will allow avoidance of internal fraud and conflict of interest.
  • Employee Declaration: Upon appointment, each employee will be required to declare his/her affiliations to any other financial activity, group or body. This will allow the management to assess if there would be any conflict in the job description of the employee.
  • Compliance and Risk Manager: The post of compliance officer will not be held by any staff or manager who are involved in the operations or backoffice. This would permit the compliance manager to ensure and assess in an unbiased manner, the procedures and compliance of the departments.
  • The Company is so chooses to conduct proprietary trades, it shall keep a separate auditable account for trades and the funds for which are clear and from the company's own funds.

Complaints Procedure

Ellipsys follows industry standards of complaint and grievance resolution. We believe that complaints handling policy and process is a valuable tool for any organisation or business. Every complaint is an opportunity to assess business processes and improve them wherever possible.

Complaint Receipt

A client can send his complaint to the following email

Upon receipt of a customer complaint. The officer will register the same in the Complaint register with relevant details.

Complaint Acknowledgement

  • The officer will issue a complaint number for the matter and revert to the customer acknowledging that the complaint has been received and registered with the company for review and resolution.
  • The Acknowledgement shall advise the client the time frame within which the officer shall investigate and respond to the client.


The officer shall create a file for the complaint and register all parameters and information needed to assess the validity and correctness of the complaint.


Report sent to the client with the findings and resolution of the complaint.

Client Response

  • Should the client accept the findings of the report, then the file shall be deemed closed.
  • The client may disagree, and in this case an additional timeframe (7 days) will be allotted to address the matter or concern.
  • Should there be no consensus, then the matter shall be deemed as "Deadlocked" wherein both parties have not reached an understanding to resolve the matter.


Incase of a deadlock, the client can refer to the Regulating Authority to review and advise for resolution. The decision by the regulator shall be deemed final by the company and the client.

The contact address for Financial Services Commission is as follows:

Financial Services Commission

FSC House,
54 Cybercity, Ebene,
Tel: (+230) 403-7000
Fax: (+230) 467-7172

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