Ellipsys offers 24 Hour Market Making in OTC FX Options in all tradable currency pairs. We offer fast, competitive pricing in vanilla and "standard" exotic options, such as Knock-Outs and Knock-Ins. Trade services also include more complex options such as Trader (or Spot) Options and Reset Binaries and can also structure products such as Yield Enhancements, which take advantage of the FX market.

Our margining policy is among the most aggressive in the market and is calculated as a percentage of the net Delta position of the entire portfolio (including spot) plus the close-out cost of that portfolio.

Through Ellipsys's execution and clearing arrangement with regulated institutions in the industry.


  • Superior clearing and quick, prime execution with leading financial institutions
  • 24 Hour Market Making in OTC FX Options
  • Professional, competitive Foreign Exchange service available 24-hours a day
  • 24 hour trading coverage of all major and most minor currencies
  • Availability of precious and base metals
  • Trade any stock in the U.S. markets on Nasdaq 100 or S&P 500
  • Place orders anytime - from New York's open until New York's close.
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