Impressive Performance of Global and UAE Stock Markets

Challenging time does not last forever. Promising solutions appear in some form with passage of time. Undeniably, the year 2020 was filled with challenges but now global and UAE stock markets are showing impressive improvement. A wave of optimism has spread almost everywhere. Investors are hopeful that their investment will generate a better return. Also, those who are planning to invest must proceed because their path is clear. Giant economies such as Chinese and US economy have already started showing hopeful results. So, certainly there is a positive influence on other economies as well. The news of fresh cash injection in the US economy has also brought happiness on the face of investors.

There is a possibility that the new trillion-dollar stimulus package will boost the morale of the investors. A ray of hope is driving the market and in the coming weeks everything in the financial week is likely to stabilize. In Washington, the US government is counting upon the fiscal package to retain the momentum of the market.

Stimulus package is acting as a positive catalyst

Good news that shares hopes always acts as a positive catalyst. Stock market also goes up when things are going well. If a good news is imminent, then the investors, businesspersons automatically gear up for action. In the past week, the stocks have surged. The yielding of bonds has also improved. In actuality, bond yields are rising due to the stimulus expectation. The good news is that S&P 500 gained 1.7% in the last week. On Friday, it ended on a record high. Nasdaq gained 2.1 % while Dow also gained 1%. It was very encouraging for investors to note that European markets had also registered quick growth.

Impressive surge in Dubai Financial Market

As the pandemic related uncertainty is fading away, the investors are mustering up their courage and making major investments. Recently, the UAE benchmarks made a major gain on Sunday. It was a pleasant news that Dubai Financial Market (DFM) gained 2.57 and touched 2, 481 points. Also, the Abu Dhabi Securities Market (ADX) gained 1.38 %. It touched 5,033 points. The performance of Dubai Islamic bank is also very impressive, closing at Dh 4.58. There were signs of improvement elsewhere in the GCC region. It is the perfect time to try hands on currency trading UAE . The market of Saudi Arabia is not affected. The benchmarks in Oman and Qatar are also showing signs of improvement.

UAE investors are confident and optimistic

The UAE stock market is performing impressively. This indicates that UAE investors have full faith in their domestic economy. Strong economies easily withstand even the major shocks and turbulences caused by global factors. There have been recent amendments in bankruptcy and company law. Surely, such steps will bring more FDI into the nation. Government is rapidly introducing new favorable policies to bring everything back on track. The economy of UAE has made an impressive recovery that is creating new opportunities across different sectors.

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