Trading & Investing: What's The Difference?

You must have read trading and investing mentioned in blogs and articles, and got confused whether they are same or different. These are two different terms for sure. But how do they differ from one another? Is there a big difference or both are similar with small differences? We will find it out.

Trading and investing are two completely different activities practiced in financial markets. They may have similar goals - making profits, but their styles differ. While trading is based on frequently purchasing and selling currency pairs, investing is more focused on buying and holding of bonds or stocks to generate profit over a period of time. There are many free online trading sites in UAE that can help you with detailed information on this. For now, let's understand how they differ in terms of methods and styles.


Trading is more active in nature and can be done within a time period as less as a day. Some people prefer trading commodities while others practice online currency trading Dubai to make profit. Commodities and currencies are called financial instruments that are frequently bought and sold. While commodities can be traded one at a time, currencies are always traded in pairs.

Trading is becoming extensively popular because of the flexibility it offers. One can practice it they way they want, for the time period they want; there are no fixed rules. These days, traders are showing more interest in online commodities trading Dubai as they offer better returns when the economy is not doing well. The Covid-19 pandemic has badly affected the financial markets and made people look for safer options. There are commodities like gold that witness appreciation even in the time of an economic crisis.


Unlike trading, investing is not a fast-paced process at all. It is much slower and involves more buying of investment instruments than selling. Investors focus on generating profits over a longer period of time as compared to trading. This period may be in years, or even decades, and hence requires good expertise in the field. One has to consider all the aspects, predict the market trends, and invest accordingly which is not everyone's cup of tea for sure.

Investors prefer to hold stocks, mutual funds, or bonds over a certain time period and even reinvest interest and dividends as they don't rush to get short-term profits. They invest strategically, even in non-favorable market conditions and expect positive outcomes.

The Bottom Line

It is clear that both trading and investing are two different concepts that come with their own shares of pros and cons. It completely depends on one's knowledge and interest whether they want to generate profits through free online trade UAE or make an investment.