Asia Pacific Markets and European Stocks are Advancing Impressively

A week of August 2021 has already passed and Asia Pacific markets were showing signs of gains. It was seen that indexes in Hong Kong, Chinese mainland and Australia were posting gains. Conscious and astute investors always monitor the existing situation before making a decision. A growth of 0.16% was seen in Australia’s benchmark ASX 200. The Kospi index of South Korea was completely stable and a growth of 0.97% was registered in Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index. The Shanghai composite made a gain of 0.56%.

Despite uncertainties and minor fluctuations, hiring has enhanced in the US. The labour market is gaining some momentum as shown by the latest data. Due to challenging weather and miscellaneous hurdles, export-import is fluctuating in China, but overall the situation is stable. However, the economic experts and policymakers are paying serious attention towards released economic data so as to decide about further policies. The US dollar was trading at 92.811.

A strong and stable labor markets

In the month of July 2021, the US economy succeeded in adding 943,000 jobs and the unemployment rate crashed to a record level. Impressive employment rate means despite ups and downs, the economy is performing smoothly. Last year, the business of certain sectors and industries was severely affected. However, these industries and sectors are now enjoying rampant growth. Undeniably, it is a good sign for the US economy that nearly a million people found work in July according to several global economists.

European stocks are stable and impressive

Recently, the European stocks managed to touch their best mark in the last five months. A record gain of 1.8% was registered by the pan-regional STOXX 600 index. It ended at 469.97 points. Banks stocks also performed impressively. They added about 4.4% as positive earning. The index was boosted by Societe Generale and HSBC. The U.S. Treasury yields and the German bond also surged riding on the wave of strong payrolls data in the US. One of the top performers of the week was energy stocks. The strong earning of consumers and rebound in economic conditions is also helping in the stabilization of the economies

The economic analysis, policymakers and experts are analysing the business survey day that clearly indicates that the global recovery is on track. About two-thirds of all

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