Asian, European stocks and oil start the new year journey on a positive note

As the trading kicked off in 2022, it was seen that Asian shares were stable. A gain of 0.34% was made by South Korea’s Kospi. The Taiex in Taiwan also advanced by 0.33%. While in Southeast Asia, the Straits Times index managed to make a gain of 0.31%. The US dollar index was also stable. Wall Street also started the new year with solid footing as the US stock futures witnessed growth. A growth of 115 points or 0.3% was seen in the Futures tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Also, the Nasdaq 100 and the S&P 500 made a gain of 0.4% each.

Many investors turn hopeful when the markets close with a happy ending in the final week of the year. The investors were happy to see that the S&P 500 made a gain of 27% for the entire year. Very similarly, the Dow and the Nasdaq Composite also managed to deliver very large returns. There were very minor fluctuations, but the last week of 2021 was positive. The investors and entrepreneurs are confident that the Federal Reserve will take necessary steps to cool the rising prices. According to financial experts, the key themes for 2022 are likely to be monetary policies and inflation.

A growth of 0.2% was seen in the pan-European Euro Stoxx 600, and most of the major exchanges logged gains. The global investors are expecting solid returns. The French CAC made a major gain of 30% and the FTSE, and the DAX were also on track. They made a gain of 15%. The shares of Storskogen Group made a major gain of 4%. 90.1% of the shares in the Nimbus Group have been acquired by the Storskogen Group.

All the economies are expecting a prosperous growth

The economy is normal when there is sufficient hiring and the spending grows. The business needs to hire and invest in order to function normally. The governments in various countries are working on the same normalizing policy. Most of the workers have returned to their workplaces, the factories are working in full swing. Most of the countries have positive economic data. The investors are hopeful after analyzing the figures of construction spending and manufacturing activities.

Oil prices register impressive growth

Oil prices managed to rise as Brent crude made a gain of 0.86% or 67 cents. It was standing at $78.45 a barrel. The US West Texas Intermediate crude futures also made a gain of 1.02% or 77 cents. It was standing at $75.98 a barrel. As the economic activities attained momentum, the demand for oil skyrocketed. The US energy firms also added numerous natural gas and oil rigs. This led to massive growth in the US crude oil production. Similarly, growth was also seen in other commodity prices from metals to energy.

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