Asian Shares, Oil prices and the US Dollar make Major Gains

Asian shares started making some gains due to the improvement in the Chinese economy. This also helped us stock the future to cut off some losses. However, the treasure yield lifted the status of US dollars. It reached its peak against the Japanese Yen in the last three years. The FTSE futures were completely stable. The condition of S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures was relatively stable. Gains were seen across the energy complex. Oil prices were on a bull run. The bond yields were sufficiently pushing higher. Before making any investment, the investors are also concerned about the aspect of inflation.

Most of the economies are passing through the stage of recovery. The world is keeping an eye on the economic recovery that is taking place in China and the USA. The market sentiments also matter. A rise of 1% was seen in the Chinese blue-chip index. It further helped in stabilizing the market sentiment. A growth of 0.7% was seen in the MSCI's broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares outside Japan. There was a minor fluctuation in Japan's Nikkei. This welcome boost played an instrumental role in turning the losses.

In the coming days, the US earnings season is likely to kick off. The policymakers and financial analysis also take into account retail sales data and US inflation. The rate of unemployment is also going down. A growth of 1.62 % was on the yields of 10-year notes. It made a jump of 15 basis points, which was the largest in the last six months. The bonds were also sold off in Europe and Asia. The short yields in Britain managed to hit its highest figure after a period of one and a half years. The analysts are also concerned about the energy costs. It is widely believed that oil could touch the figure of $100 a barrel due to limited supply.

Firm Oil prices and the US dollar

When there is some fluctuation in the market, others become winners. The real estate sector, the real assets, commodities, emerging markets are the true winners while others are affected negatively. The Euro was seen hovering at $1.1572. The Dollar index was very firm at 94.158. It was slightly behind the top figure of 94.504. When the US dollar is very firm, then its effect is visible on the condition of the gold. It was present at $1,760 an ounce. Oil prices had made a gain of 4% in the last week. They were standing at their highest figure in almost seven years. Brent had made a gain of 91 cents and was standing at $83.30. The US crude made a gain of $1.13. It was standing at $80.48 per barrel.

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