European stocks register growth as the second quarter starts

Russia and Ukraine are trying to settle the dispute through peace talks, but the Western allies are doubtful of Moscow's intentions. This geopolitical tension is also influencing trade and commerce. As April 2022 starts, the European stocks and markets registered growth. According to many experts, the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine are also guiding the sentiments of the investors and traders. Almost all the sectors were performing impressively. The pan-European Stoxx 600 registered growth of 0.6% provisionally. Almost all the sectors registered some growth with miners making a gain of 2.2%. The British advertising company S4 Capital made a gain of 11%.

The condition of Asian stocks and other markets

Many investors are worried about market sentiments and any stress on the geopolitical front also interferes with their decisions. However, the financial experts are confident that as soon as the clouds are clear, the investors will come back. In Hong Kong, Chinese technology shares registered growth of more than 2%. A major hurdle that was impeding the full US access to audits has been eliminated. In Japan, the Topix index registered growth of 0.1%. South Korea’s Kospi index rose by 0.2%. The Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index managed to rise by about 0.8%. The traders and investors were wondering whether or not fresh sanctions will be slapped on Russia. It is hard to precisely determine how the market will react. The stock market around the world is also influenced by American financial conditions. Recently, in March 2022, the US managed to control its unemployment rate. The Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 Index made a gain of 0.5%. The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index was completely stable.

Oil market is eyeing to the outcome of the peace talks

After the peace talk between Russia and the Ukraine began in Istanbul, it was believed that things would normalize very soon. At the end of March 2022, the WTI and Brent prices registered growth of 3.5%. It was standing at $107.8 and $111.4 respectively. Not just this conflict, but the fuel prices also went up due to the starting of the driving season in the Northern Hemisphere. The OPEC+ has also decided to enhance the production as per the agreed plan. According to experts, it is believed that even if the matter of Russian sanction is sidelined, the market prices are likely to remain very high. Russia is most likely to export its oil surplus to other nations with an enticing discount.

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