Recent Positive Changes in the Financial World

A smart investor, trader and businessman monitors the situation and keeps a tab on the recent events of the equity and currency markets. Those who are updated with the latest information and news end up in making the correct decisions. Sometimes, the situations in the international market change abruptly. With the help of latest information, the investors often succeed in making correct decisions.

Conditions in the US market

The investors proceeded on their Christmas holidays with a hope that the stimulus agreement will bring back their bright days. Moreover, they are also counting on the Brexit deal and the roll out of the vaccine. To add joy, the S&P 500 ended higher after attaining 13.05 points which was a very positive sign. A massive surge was witnessed in the Dow Jones Industrial Average as it rose to 70.04 points. The Nasdaq Composite also added 33.62 points. All these are signs of hope that by early next year, things will completely turn normal in the financial world Hopes on the Asian markets

Asia is home to some of the largest economies such as China, Japan, India, South Korea, etc. All the financial markets around the world watch the situation in the US markets. The global shares went up recently after the U.S. President Donald Trump agreed to sign the 2.3 trillion dollar pandemic aid and converted the same into a law. A small growth was seen in Japan’s Nikkei after it rose to 0.4%. A minor gain was also witnessed in MSCI index. As some markets were closed for the holiday, trade was not in full swing. However, it was a good time for the investors to try currency trading UAE and make other investments. As far as SGX Nifty is concerned, it indicated a positive opening with reference to index in India after a gain of 43 points. Similarly, on the Singaporean Exchange, the Nifty futures were trading around at 13,796. The economy of Japan was not adversely affected as the factory outputs were constantly rising.

Expansion of the Indian economy

Financial experts are expecting that by 2025, India is set to become the world's 5th largest economy. By the end of this decade, India will climb to 3rd position. Due to recent turmoil, the Indian economy has slipped slightly. However, it is believed that this Asian giant will once again overtake the United Kingdom to become the fifth largest economy. Now, more companies and governments are ready to invest in India after realizing the potential of this nation. In the third quarter the Indian economy managed to recover at a much faster pace. The foreign exchange reserve of India touched a record of $581.131 billion after a surge of $2.5 billion.

So, if you are planning to make some investment, start making plans. Browse through online trading site UAE and consult with experts. As the giant economies are returning on track, the golden time of proceeding with investment is coming back.

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