The expected performance of Southeast Asian markets in 2023 is likely to be impressive

2022 was a good year from the aspect of trade and investment. Many sectors were working in full swing, and as a result, many industries and sectors have shared impressive results. The South Asian economies are strong, and as per the analysis of analysts, they will perform impressively in the coming time. Many governments and their respective authorities are also adjusting their monetary policies in order to stabilize things. There are other important aspects such as inflation rate and unemployment rate that are considered by the analysts while drawing any conclusion.

The MSCI ASEAN Index is dependent on conditions such as financial conditions, external demand, reopening boost, etc. The MSCI ASEAN Index is stable, and it is counting on China. The mid-cap stock performance of the four emerging markets is measured by the index. The economies of the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Vietnam and Singapore are stable. These countries have trade-oriented economies. The investors take into account the aspect of inflation before taking a final decision.

The US Dollar has maintained a strong position

The US dollar is on track as per the foreign exchange strategists. The greenback’s safe-have appeal is still maintained. The investors understand that the condition of the US dollar affects several aspects. The value of the dollar affects corporate earnings, the price of several raw materials such as gold and oil are affected. The gold futures were trading at $1,799.60/oz after the growth of 0.6%.

Oil prices rise with the hopes on demand

As almost all sectors are working in full swing, the demand for oil has increased. The oil prices also rose as the key pipeline supplying the USA was closed. The USA and China are the largest consumers of oil. The oil prices also rise due to tightened supplies. The Brent crude futures registered growth of 0.8% or 64 cents. It was standing at $78.63 per barrel. The US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures also registered growth of 0.9 percent or 64 cents. It was standing at $73.81. The oil prices are also affected due to the Russia-Ukraine war as well as the actions of the OPEC. The officers of OPEC have declared that the cartel is committed to support the stability of the market. After many countries slapped sanctions on Russia, an energy crisis has appeared. Both countries have been locked in the war for several months. It is expected that in the coming time China will demand more oil, and this can contribute to the rise of the prices.

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