The Nasdaq and the Dow are Touching New Milestones - A Sign of Healthy Recovery

It appears as if nothing has the capacity to halt the stock market. According to the experts, the bulls have assumed total control. For the first time the Nasdaq managed to cross the level of 15,000, rising by about 0.5%. The credit for this gain should be given to tech stocks like Nvidia. The situation was very challenging in March 2020 when the whole world was struggling with pandemics, but the rise of the Nasdaq is truly remarkable as well as stunning. According to research firms, the Nasdaq has managed to cross a 1,000-point threshold for the sixth time after the advent of the pandemic.

The S&P 500 is also ready to touch new milestones. It made a gain of about 0.2% and is on the verge of crossing the milestone of 4,500. Now, let us talk about the Dow. It is well-known as a Wall Street market barometer. The Dow rose by 0.1% or more than 30 points. As most of the giants of the American industry are faring better, the Dow is also approaching other milestones. Crossing a new milestone means the things are well on track. Currently, the Dow is just short of 600 points and is hitting the mark of 36,000. A gain of hardly 2% is required to get up there. Two decades back, the Dow was simply hovering at the figure of 10,000. It was even assumed that the Dow would cross the 36,000 marks by 2005, but the market again tumbled due to various factors.

Investor sentiments are very high

If the Dow keeps climbing at the same pace, the prophecy of the market will come true. It is better late than never. So, the investors are happy as the Dow managed to touch the figure of 36,000. The investors in Europe keep a watch on the US monetary policies. The market reports enable them to take better decisions. They even study the data before making a decision. The stronger-than-expected economic recovery in various nations has given a major boost to the sentiments of the investors. The performance of the commodity-linked sectors is much better in comparison to the general market. Economic giant China is a major importer of oil and metal. As the economy of China is stable, the international market is benefitting from it. The basic resources stocks also rose by about 2.0%. The German stock also rose by about 0.3%. In the quarter of April to June, the German gross domestic product made a gain of 1.6%. The investors are optimistic that the market will continue at the same pace in the coming days.

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