The stock futures and crude oil make gains

The stock futures managed to rise after overnight trading, which was considered a good sign by financial experts. The futures that were tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average managed to add 0.15% or 49 points. The Nasdaq 100 futures rose by 0.21%, and the S&P 500 climbed by 0.16%. Palo Alto Networks registered very strong quarterly results. It was reported that jumps were about 9%. The market is doing well, and the economic conditions of several nations are recovering. In many countries, the industrial output is rising. The market sentiment is relying on the big tech stocks. As the US economy is the biggest and most influential economy. The traders, investors frequently analyze its condition before taking any step. There are other aspects to check as well such as the condition of employment, report of home sales because all this indicates the condition of the economy.

In the second half of the year, most economies are doing well, and the condition is stable in comparison to January when investors and analysts were worried about miscellaneous factors. There was a massive surge in the shares of cybersecurity. The Palo Alto Networks managed to beat the earnings expectations. It was reported that the Dow rose by 0.67% for the month. Very similarly, The S & P 500 climbed by 0.19%.

The oil market is likely to hold a strong position in the near future

Saudi Arabia is the biggest oil producer of the alliance OPEC. There are more than one dozen nations in this alliance and Saudi Arabia is represented by Prince Abdulaziz. Sometimes the stability of the oil market is influenced by geo-political conditions. There are also concerns about the global economy because favorable conditions generate more demand for oil. The oil prices continue to remain at a very strong position as Russia and Ukraine are fighting a war. As Russian oil supply has dropped, Saudi Arabia and other members of OPEC have decided to steadily enhance production this year.

OPEC has sufficient experience to deal with the challenging situation. In the past, it has already struggled with such situations, but it has managed to emerge stronger. The administration of OPEC will adjust the production to stabilize the entire scenario. As Russian energy supplies have been affected, Saudi Arabia and other players have stepped in. However, there is also a strong possibility that OPEC may be forced to cut production in order to stabilize the market. The oil market has been affected after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The WTI for October delivery managed to climb by 0.4%, and it was standing at $90.72 a barrel.

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