The US Dollar and global stocks continue to remain firm

Most of the developed and developing countries are trying to stabilize their economies. Fortunately, the stock markets are performing impressively and the US dollar continues to remain strong. The treasury yields also managed to touch the highest figures in three years. It was also seen that higher US bond yields were also strengthening the dollar. Most of the industrial nations are continuously adjusting their monetary policies with the help of their respective central banks so as to keep inflation in control. Geo-political factors, minor fluctuations in oil and commodity prices are also forcing financial strategists to change their policies. The Euro was stable at $1.087.

There are certain earning seasons, and the corporate world is eager to benefit from it. Many markets and economies have attained momentum as most of the restrictions have been lifted. The financial experts are also closely observing the events of the Ukraine war. The Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index (.HSI) rose by 0.6%. Also, China's bluechip CSI300 Index (.CSI300) rose by 0.4%. The tech stocks continue to make gains. The market economists and the investors are also concerned about factors such as inflation. The markets take sudden turns due to various factors and the traders and investors take into account all reasons. During the Asian session, the benchmark 10-year Treasury notes registered a gain of 2.8107% in comparison to US closure of 2.782%. The two-year yield touched 2.5242%. It has made a gain as per trader’s expectations regarding enhanced Fed fund rates. The spot gold was trading at $1951.45 per ounce.

The oil market is influenced by geo-political factors

The recent release of strategic oil reserves and the diminishing hope of the European oil embargo on Russian supplies has stabilized the oil market. The Brent crude was standing at $99.18 per barrel. Most of the industries and sectors, including aviation are running in full swing and the oil demand is resurging. Energy demand continues to rise, and the experts are analyzing the effects of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. Very rich and big industrial countries are also releasing oil from their strategic reserves. Russia is a key member of OPEC+ and one of the major crude suppliers. There are many countries that continue to import oil from Russia. Recently, in March 2022, the oil was touching mammoth figures of $140 per barrel after the invasion of Russia. As the Russian Federation has strong relations with many countries, it is most likely to evade the effects of sanctions.

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