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Zen Pro, Direct and Trader are online platforms provided by Ellipsys to trade in the global markets with fast execution. Each platforms offers a distinct service and caters to the investor's needs. They are versatile and robust which allows clients to actively invest in the markets for multiple contracts.

Zen gives the Investor/ Clients the convenience of secure and real time access to the markets 24 hours on all 5 trading days. Its simple program allows the clients to access markets and use tools to make their trades and accounts easy to manage. For example the investor would be able to

  • Place Orders
  • Modify/ Cancel Orders
  • View Order History & Reports
  • View Trade History & Reports
  • View Quotes
  • View Intra-day Charts
  • View Market Picture (MBO-MBP)
  • View Market Watch
  • View Exposure Reports
  • View Real Time News
Zen offers an investor with fast, reliable service and support. You can choose your system (s) as per your requirements.

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